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Evelyn Roquel

Programs Manager

Evelyn Roquel is originally from Tecpán, Chimaltenango and currently lives in Tecpán. She is an indigenous Kaqchikel Mayan woman and her mother tongue is Kaqchikel. In January 2022, she joined the Luis von Ahn Foundation team as Programs Manager. Evelyn studied Teaching in Home Education in Guatemala City and began her career in educational establishments and in nonprofit organizations for women's rights, entrepreneurship, literacy, and youth development programs.

Evelyn has worked for nearly 20 years in nonprofit organizations and serving rural communities. Her life story and its context was what motivated her to study a university degree with a social focus and to begin her studies in Social Work at the Mariano Gálvez University.

Evelyn has also volunteered in shelters focused on the protection of children and adolescents.

She has 2 daughters, Alejandra and Celeste, whom she has involved in various volunteer spaces in order to teach them about respect for women's rights and child protection.

Evelyn Roquel
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