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Because We Trust.

Established in 2021, the Luis von Ahn Foundation, a private foundation, is committed to a future where all Guatemalans are equally valued, can thrive and are able to fully exercise their human rights. We believe that the status of our democracy, social and economic development, and inclusive growth of our individuals and communities depend heavily on the advancement of women and girls and the protection of the environment they live in.

The Foundation seeks to support local community leaders and nonprofit organizations working on improving the lives of individuals, especially women and girls, in Guatemala.

Announcing the Winners of the 2024 Luis von Ahn Visionary Award

Honoring Outstanding Citizens building a brighter future for Guatemala


Why Guatemala?

Areas of Focus


To ensure that our environment thrives with healthy, productive and resilient ecosystems in the face of climate change by supporting social-economic development, sustainable livelihoods and providing abundant resources for generations to come.


To accelerate progress towards more gender-equal communities by addressing the barriers that keep women and girls from being fully active in their homes, economies, and societies.


To protect and strengthen democratic principles and the vitality of governance.


By advancing the rights of women and girls, promoting social justice, and creating an enabling environment for individuals to achieve their full potential, the Foundation helps ensure that marginalized and vulnerable Guatemalans have the resources they need to cultivate the leadership and solutions that can truly transform Guatemala.

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