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Learning Grants

In alignment to our strategic grant making plan, the Foundation will provide funding to a broad range of community-based organizations so that we can learn and better understand their unique context, their activities, and their work.  This will give us and the nonprofits the opportunity to connect, collaborate, interact, and build a relationship with each other. It is our goal that organizations receiving learning grants can move on to be part of the Foundation’s core group of grantees.


An emphasis will be placed on education, youth leadership, conservation of nature, and capacity building.


Learning grant amounts typically range from $25,000 to $50,000 and will last no less than one year, and no more than two years.

Global Fund for Children – RECARGA

Instituto de Investigaciones Aplicadas al Ambiente y Desarrollo

Esperanza Juvenil 

Fundación ProPetén

She's the First

Pomona Impact Foundation

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