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Announcing the Winners of the 2024 Luis von Ahn Visionary Award


Introducing the Award

Honoring Outstanding Citizens building a brighter future for Guatemala

The Luis von Ahn Visionary Award was established to recognize outstanding citizens in various fields of society who contribute significantly and have the potential to build a freer, fairer and more equal opportunity country. The award prioritizes potential impact over past achievements, focusing on visionary individuals who exemplify integrity, excellence and innovation.

Meet the 2024 Winners

We are proud to present the winners of the first edition of the Luis von Ahn Visionary Award. Congratulations to the 2024 recipients!


Meet Roberto

An Aerospace Engineer with dreams to explore the cosmos and protect Earth.

Field: Science, Technology, and Innovation
Birthplace: San José, CA, USA (Guatemalan roots)

Biography & Work

Roberto Crespo is a leading aerospace engineer with a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and Davis. Currently, he works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Near Earth Object Surveyor (NEOS) project. He has designed critical instruments for space exploration, including the Curiosity Rover for Mars. He is also on the board of directors of MathKind and is involved in the design of a telescope in Guatemala to discover potentially dangerous asteroids and comets, which will be launched in 2026.

Roberto aims to inspire young people to follow their dreams and have amazing experiences like his own.

Previous Recognitions

Roberto has been recognized by NASA for his contributions to space missions and has received multiple engineering awards, including the NASA Engineering and Safety Center Award.

Selection Criteria

Candidates were evaluated based on their demonstrated impact, potential for future contributions, and alignment with the values of Luis von Ahn. Specific criteria included:

Positive Impact

Contribution Potential

Innovative Approach

Proven track record of positive social impact in any of the following areas: Art, Nature Conservation, Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusion, Research/Academics, Investigative Journalism, Peace Promotion (dialogue/negotiation), Health, Technology and innovation

Demonstrated potential in their responsible citizen participation, commitment and positive contribution to society, contributing to building a free, fair country with equal opportunities.

Presents leadership with world-class impact, lifting Guatemala to the top, through innovation and creativity in the field.

Nominate Someone for Next Year's Award

Nominations are open! Do you know a visionary person who should be recognized? Nominate someone outstanding for next year's Luis von Ahn Visionary Award.

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